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Frequently asked questions

We have listed here the most frequently asked questions we receive from members of the CodeBook community. If you do not find an answer, please get in touch through the support contacts.

CodeBook - the company

How big is CodeBook International?

Since its launch in 1996, CodeBook International has grown organically, gradually adding new team members to provide financial, commercial and product support functions, and to provide continuity of software development. By December 2011, President, founder and CTO Peter Mann had the support of an experienced management team of sales, marketing, commercial, operational professionals and the additional backing of an international network of sales, support and training consultants.

How many customers does CodeBook International have?

The CodeBook application is in active use in over 150 organisations, with more than 700 licenses in force, allowing use of the toolset by 1000s of users.

How many projects have deployed CodeBook Pro?

100s of projects have benefited from the use of CodeBook Pro across the world. Ranging from the largest hospital projects and  to small primary schools and medical centres.

Does CodeBook International provide an escrow arrangement to help customers safeguard their software investment?

CodeBook International recognises that customer organisations may want to protect their software investment in the unexpected and unlikely event that CBi was to cease trading. It has been in discussions with National Computing Centre, NCC, about provision of escrow arrangements. CBi customers could be added as parties to an escrow agreement, entitling them to access to the core code of CBi applications and so enabling them to develop the application so that it continues to meet their needs.

CodeBook Pro - the software

What BIM applications are supported by CodeBook Pro?

CodeBook works closely with Revit (Architecture and MEP), Bentley Architecture, Archicad and  Autocad Architecture.

How do we keep CodeBook Pro updated?

There is an annual formal release of a new version of CodeBook Pro, but throughout the year minor releases are made to address urgent user requests. If a user has a requirement or suggestion that is imperative to their current project, if possible we will address that promptly, rather than waiting for the next formal software release.

Is CodeBook available as a Software-as-a-Service solution?

At present CodeBook Pro is not available as a Software-as-a-Service solution, but in cases where a CodeBook user has a short term need for additional licenses, license rental can be agreed.

How is CodeBook Pro licensed?

The software is licensed using a concurrent license model. The software can be installed on as many computers as required, with licenses provided on a first come first served basis.

Does CodeBook Pro support IFCs and/or COBie?

CodeBook Pro provides COBie output as an Excel xlsx file. Data can also be exported to the Maximo and ESRI FM and GIS systems. IFC support is not available at present, but is being investigated. IFC support will be included when demand for this is perceived.

How long does it take to master using the CodeBook Pro software?

The training course takes one day and covers the basic functions and concepts of the software. This provides adequate knowledge to start project work. Mastery will be developed over the first project as use of the software capabilities is applied to the project development.