Intelligent Room Data Management

CodeBook Pro for Healthcare

CodeBook Pro has been deployed extensively on healthcare projects. Hospitals are among the most complex buildings imaginable, largely due to the nature of the activities they house and the equipment and services needed to support those activities.

Clients having experienced the benefits of CodeBook Pro expanded their use into education, scientific, government, justice and transport projects. Given these benefits experienced in these sectors other sectors such as retail and hospitality could benefit greatly from implementing CodeBook Pro.


  • CodeBook C sheetDetailed Equipment Layouts - CodeBook Pro maximises productivity with facilities for rapidly building up equipment layouts from a library of graphical components. Mechanisms for grouping them as standard template configurations aid quality assurance controls.
  • Equipment Library - CodeBook Pro includes a template graphical library of equipment and furniture that can easily be extended as required. The library tracks many associated data attributes such as group, description, mounting height and so on. Each item is classified according to function and service requirements. These attributes can be reported in schedules and also used for filtering and ordering the contents of the reports and graphical studies.
  • Thematic Views - A powerful technique for viewing complex data is to use colours to indicate database values. For example, a drawing can be coloured and labelled to show area target achievements or functional relationships. Themed views can also be used to study or display attributes of equipment, furniture and doors. For instance, to highlight all items that require medical gas supply or to identify all the rooms that require mechanical ventilation. Revisions made to the drawings or the brief can be identified with colour or cloud symbols.
  • Automatic 'C' Sheet Generation - Drawings contain the plan of the room showing the positions of all furniture and equipment, drawn elevations with mounting heights, annotated drawing sheets and reflected ceiling plans. Text schedules are added showing detailed equipment lists, doors, room data and finishes.
  • Reports and Schedules - CodeBookPro can generate many different types of report and schedule, for example, area comparisons, budget cost analysis, equipment and furniture lists by room, department or project and door schedules. The reports combine output from the cad model with the briefing information of the project database and library. All data is usefully stored in an industry standard database, so it can be joined to external data sources if required.

Some example projects